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Assignment of Topics

First Day
Topic Student Supervisor
Social Network Analysis in Social Network Services Simon Schonhardt Claus-Georg Nolte
Classical information diffusion: Methods for information diffusion Patrick Weiß Peter Fischer
Provenance of information diffusion in social media Dennis Miodeck Io Taxidou
Rumor spreading in social media Christina Hernandez Wunsch Io Taxidou
Digital Currencies: Network Analysis of the Bitcoin Block-­-Chain Toshika Srivastava Christian Brenig
Digital Currencies: Anonymity in the Bitcoin System Lavdërim Shala Christian Brenig
Privacy Protection: Trust Banks and Identity Management to Protect Privacy Liridon Musliu Claus-Georg Nolte


Second Day
Topic Student Supervisor
Modelling trust/distrust in social media Anum Jabbar Peter Fischer
Methods for identifying credibility and high quality content Guido Franzen Peter Fischer
Information diffusion use case: online journalists Jascha Epperlein Io Taxidou
Privacy Protection: Transparency-­-Enhancing Technologies Syed Shayan Jamal Christian Zimmermann
Privacy Protection: Accountability-­-Oriented Approaches towards Privacy Christian Reichenbach Christian Zimmermann


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