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Completed Student Projects

  • Thomas Etter (Winter 2010, Semester project) Translating MXQuery into JavaScript
  • Beat Steiger (Summer 2010, Master's thesis) Provenance in XQuery
  • Michael Schaufelberger(Summer 2010, Master's thesis) An XQuery Entity Extraction Library (with D. Kossmann)
  • Aayush Garg (Spring 2010, Master's thesis) Pattern Matching in XQuery
  • Tahmineh Sanamrat (Winter 2009, Master's thesis) Dynamic Modification of Continuous Queries
  • Silvio Kohler (Spring 2009, Master's thesis) Complex Event Processing on an Enterprise Service Bus
  • Marco Stöckli: (Spring 2009, Master's thesis) Transaction Patterns: Design and Java Framework (with D. Kossmann and Credit Suisse)
  • Julia Imhof (Fall 2008, Master's thesis) Evaluation Strategies for XQuery Full Text
  • Anadeshwar Singh (Fall 2008, Master's thesis) An XQuery Benchmarking Service
  • Kostis Tsoulos (Summer 2008, Master's thesis) XML Schema support in MXQuery
  • Matthias Braun (Spring 2008, Master's thesis, Uni Heidelberg) Parallel Window Processing in MXQuery
  • Gabriel Petrovay (Spring 2008, Master's thesis) XQuery(P) Debugging - IDE and engine support
  • Christian Tarnutzer (Spring 2008, Master's thesis) Streaming XQueryP
  • Kostis Tsoulos (Winter 2007, Semester project) Cross-Compiling Unity in XQuery
  • Julia Imhof (Summer 2007, Semester project) XQuery Full Text Support in MXQuery
  • Anandeshwar Singh (Summer 2007, Semester project) TCP-H in XQuery on Oracle 10g
  • Yin Xiaoping (Spring 2007, Semester project) Eclipse Plugin for XQueryP
  • Andri Bühler (Spring 2007, Semester project) Configurability in the Micro XQuery Engine
  • David Graf (Sprig 2007, Master's thesis) Implementation of XQueryP
  • Tim Kraska (Fall 2006, Diploma thesis) Continuous XQuery Processing (with Donald Kossmann)
  • Mario Tadey (Winter 2005, Master's thesis) Batched Processing for Updates and Messages in a Context-Aware Information Filter
  • Julia Imhof (Fall 2005, Semester project): High availability and failover for Information Filters
  • Nadine Schmidt, (Spring 2004, Diploma thesis, Uni Heidelberg) Optimierung von Informationsfiltern durch Batching
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