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Assignment of Topics

First Day
Topic Student Supervisor
Evolution of social network models (I/II) – From random graphs to small worlds Victor Arrascue Ayala Io Taxiodu
Evolution of social network models (II/II) – From small worlds to power-law distributions free Io Taxiodu
Using social network analysis to find out about the value of customers in marketing Elena Kuprienku Cai Ziegler
So is it really ‘Six Degrees of Separation’? – Critique of Milgram’s experiment Jan Alexander Cai Ziegler
Game Theory Leander Sabel Thomas Hornung
Auctions: Overview and Details on Generalized Second Price Auction Sven Gauß Thomas Hornung


Second Day
Topic Student Supervisor
Matching Markets Matthias Beck Io Taxiodu
Sponsored Search: Auctions Dennis Gauß Thomas Hornung
Sponsored Search: Keyword Selection Svetlana Todorova Peter Fischer
Context-Based Ads Matthias Söllner Peter Fischer
Display Ads Felix Thein Peter Fischer
Targeting Michael Huber Peter Fischer
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