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Topics are are available in the following areas:

Realtime Analytics

 More and more data needs to be analyzed instantly, defying scalable yet offline/batched frameworks such as Map/Reduce. This is particular true for event streams generated by social network applications such as Twitter or Facebook. A promising direction is to leverage data stream systems, and enhance them with data analysis features.

Topics are available at the project page

Energy Managment for Smart Grids

(in collaboration with Fraunhofer ISE)

Upcoming smart energy grids need to dynamically mediate between fluctuating energy producers (e.g., solar or wind) and consumers as to enable further adoption of renewable energy sources. Elaborate data management systems need to be built on top of the existing electrical energy infrastructure in order to handle the required information and control needs. At Fraunhofer ISE, the group "Intelligente Energiesysteme" investigates the requirements and design options for such systems.


Please contact Prof. Peter Fischer for questions or additional topics.

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